Unlike some other companies, we don't charge for our efforts; rather, we charge for results! And results are what make us all happy, right? 

 None of us enjoy spending money we didn't plan on, but at least knowing we got our money's worth eases the pain somewhat. When you part with your hard-earned dollars and pay us for the time, knowledge, equipment and experience needed for us to successfully complete your task at hand, we want you to feel like you were treated fairly and honestly.  And if we don't successfully complete whatever task, project or repair that we agreed upon, then we WON'T charge you. (We should warn you, however, that we are almost always successful, especially when it comes to getting you back up and running when you are faced with imminent disaster!)

Unfortunately, though, sometimes data IS irretrievably lost. Sometimes, because of your location, you can't be connected to that high-speed internet access service you wanted. Occasionally "bad" things happen to "good" systems. And at times your new and expensive software package may not do the very thing that you intended for it to do. In cases like those, we'll do an evaluation of the "situation" and discuss all options with you. We'll give you our best range of what it's going to cost you and what to expect. And we welcome your inquiries (we don't believe in the "cloak and dagger" method of I.T. support). 

If this seems like a "different" way of computer / network support than you're used to, please understand our background. Although we have many years of successful I.T. experience behind us, we also have had our hands in various businesses. We know that your data (and its efficient processing) is the lifeblood of your business. We also know all too well that, like us,  you don't have a "money tree" in your yard. In other words, we've "been there". 

We value your business. If you're happy with our work, we appreciate your recommending us to your associates, family and friends. (And yes, we also GREATLY appreciate prompt payment!) Thank you.